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Getting more Yelp Reviews: Guides for Business Owners

As an independent business owner, you’re responsible for every part of your company: front end, back end, business strategy, day-to-day operations and the list never stops. 

To increase your monthly customers you must create trustworthiness between your business and your target audience. 

Gathering real, positive online reviews is the first essential step toward establishing a trust with your customers, which brings in the money. Your customer reviews must be highlighted on multiple review platforms to create the most trust between you and your target audience. 

Positive online customer reviews can make or break independently owned businesses. 

One negative review alone could stop a potential customer from deciding to interact with a business. Successfully owned small businesses must have complete control over their online brand. Do you?

Small business owners in 2021 are highly aware of the current environment’s uncertainty during a pandemic. 

The internet is one constant advantage that small business owners should jump on to establish a strong online brand. Once your brand is listed on the internet, your next step is getting positive online reviews from your customers so people can trust you and your services. 

Getting online customer reviews lets business owners better understand details about their target audience, which helps make you more money. 

Whether your brand’s online reviews are on Google, Yelp or TrustPilot, research shows that consumers prefer anonymous reviews rather than friends’ recommendations (Journal of Marketing Communications, 2016).

So, gathering lots of strong customer reviews online should be your business’ priority. Easier said than done, right? I use Joon Joon Reviews to help make my life easier to get more real, patient reviews. Joon Joon Reviews is a simple software that helps you get online customer reviews sent to you and your team and posted on multiple review platforms. 

Joon Joon helps me change the way I care. 

Yelp is one example of a popular online review platform that customers trust. Yelp organizes businesses by industry type and results are filtered by geographical location, price range and unique features such as, outdoor seating, delivery services or the ability to accept reservations. 

In my experience trying to gather customer reviews has wasted my time and shown me zero results. My practice, Kings Point Foot and Ankle, has a Yelp profile with positive reviews already there because I provide quality service for my customers. 

Yet – I don’t prioritize using Yelp’s platform because of how much time I waste when I try. If you’re more technologically savvy than most, then keep using Yelp to your advantage. 

Here’s How I Recommend Getting More Yelp Reviews (from an Owner’s Perspective): 

  1. List your business on Yelp.
  2. Double check your profile’s information is correct.  
  3. That’s it!

Yelp’s Official Blog, even recommends business owners to not ask customers to leave reviews but rather to let customers make the choice on their own to review your product or service (Don’t Ask For Reviews: Why Yelp Does Not Recommend Solicited Reviews, 2017). 

Yelp states that asking customers to leave reviews creates a biased description of your business and could discourage potential customers from interacting with your brand. Yelp also considers solicited reviews, or paid reviews, as unreliable to consumers. 

In our experience, using Yelp is not easy work. 

Joon Joon Reviews changed the way I care about my business. Getting real customer reviews is easy and quick with Joon Joon.

Joon Joon Reviews gives users a Check In link that’s compatible with QR Codes. QR Codes are pandemic friendly and get online results quick and easy. Joon Joon Reviews also helps post good online reviews on Google and other review sites. Joon Joon Reviews is the quickest way to show off your business online.